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We recently added Cookie Pies to the menu and you guys can’t get enough of them!!! Some are selling out within less 15 minutes and we’ve had some very angry messages 😤 asking when they’d be back.

(If you’re not sure what a Cookie Pie is, it’s a baked cookie filled with a range of different flavours of ganache, chocolate,  brownie, blondie or whatever we can possibly think of ).

 Wanting to avoid those messages and to obviously keep you all as happy as possible and to keep up with wholesale demands we held our first Cookie Pie Training this week. 

Once each trainee passes out of training they’ll be creating some really AMAZING creations so keep a look out 👀 💖

The initial cookie pie they had to make were a walk through of some of our most favourite flavours: Kinder, Rainbow, Brownie/Blondie and Biscoff.

Once all the tips and tricked were shown and the standard flavours were in the oven, it was time for the team create their own weird and wonderful cookie pie creation 😬. They were set to be marked on technique, flavour and presentation.

Soon there was different ideas flying about the room. Some shared their ideas, other worked and one called for help as their idea wasn’t going as planned.

Staff were toasting marshmallows, peanut butter was flying everywhere and Nutella was being used by the bucket load. There was even a Baileys fudge sauce that drew faces that are usually made after shotting tequila 😂


Keep an eye out for them all this weekend, we will be having a vote on our social media to see which creation everyone liked the best!